1. All forms – PT Registration Forms must be filled out & returned the day before your appointment, (contact information is above).
  2. All x-rays & the referral slip, (from your dentist) must be forwarded the day before your appointment. 
  3. We will call you the day before to Check-in for your appointment, (this is required). Credit Card #’s must be provided at Check-in and are only run once treatment is completed that day.
  4. A mask must be worn inside the building.
  5. Only the patient may enter.
  6. Please call from your car & an assistant will come out to get you.

*ALL of the above are required in order to be seen. Appointments will be rescheduled at the discretion of the doctor.


We will schedule your appointment as promptly as possible. Once an appointment has been made, we offer a call list which we go through regularly. Every effort is made to bring you in sooner. 

We try our best to stay on schedule to minimize your waiting. Both Dr. Michael Gonsky and Dr. Ashley Gonsky Olen are committed to addressing emergency endodontic care in our community. Their commitment includes access to the home number for current patients.

Circumstances related to emergency care can arise and cause delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Inclement Weather Policy

The safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. In the event of inclement weather please call us for the most up-to-date information before coming in to the office since we are an office that closes. We attempt to make a decision very early in the morning.  If a major snow event is expected to occur the next day, we will make every effort to call the night before to make you aware of any specific updates for that day.

Please call us at (570) 421-3443 or text (570) 505-5429 with any questions or to schedule an appointment during business hours.